Random Similarity – Sanskrit and Latin

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You all might have come across the following devotional song on Lord Rama

Pibare Rama Rasam
Pibarey Rama Rasam Rasaney
Dhoori Krita Pataka Samsargam
Poorita Naanavidha Phala Vargam
Pibarey Rama Rasam Rasaney


O Mind! Quench the spiritual thirst by drinking Divine nectar of chanting the name of Lord Shree Rama. It will destroy all sins. Reciting the sacred name of Lord Rama will confer immense happiness of drinking nectar of many delicious fruits.

….now to the interesting observation(atleast to me and my wife)…

I was browsing for common Latin phrases and I happen to come across ‘Bibere humanum est, ergo bibamus.’ which means ‘To drink is human, let us therefore drink.

Pibere in Sanskrit and Bibere in Latin seems to have relatively similar meaning – to drink or to quench.

…that’s interesting coincidence for us.


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Sometimes its a smile, sometimes its a movie…but if you are in closed quarters for a day, not even the angels can make you feel better. Get out from time to time, fresh air does a lot of good to you.

Dialogue with GOD

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So I sank into a quick meditation of sorts and got a few replies that I wanted to share here.

I asked HIM to show me the way…targeted towards what he wanted me to do. He said “Rather than showing the way and asking you to do it, I will lead you through the way”. I felt it was very apt because HE really wants to make sure I walk the path HE wants and does intend by all means to make sure I do walk.

Then I asked him, “GOD, I want to feel you always with me”.

He said,” I am always there”.

Not happy with the usual answer, I pleaded more and he gave me a smacking…in these following words.

He said, ” You are opening your eyes and closing your ears, hence not able to feel my closeness. Open your ears and close your eyes, you will feel and hear me talking to you always”.

It probably lasted for a few minutes and I am very sure my mind couldn’t have created these answers in the short span and the totally random nature of the meditation(in a temple I visited today). Nevertheless, I believe it was from somewhere else.

Whether there is a spiritual connotation to it or not, I believe there is a higher energy aware of the possible paths the energy bodies on earth(humans) can take and it wants to make sure that glowing the right way means a channeled effort that requires ‘little’ direction.

Let the energy of goodness flow through all of us and lead us to the better good.

Its N.O.W (New Order of Wisdom)

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Sometimes what is known is not thrilling anymore…what is unknown is mysterious…seeking the unknown is what is enriching and educative.

In ignoring things that are ‘usual’, we tend to let go of opportunities that await innovation. If we say…these things happen, then we won’t look out to either solving them or devising strategies to change outlook to more productive ones within them. It’s not about changing the world but changing the smaller aspects which will help creating a new world. Point to be noted is that I did not say change the way you look at the world rather than changing the world. Change certain aspects which will help create a new world – that is the new wisdom according to me.

The idea is not to say time will solve everything…when someone says that it means he expects to forget about it in sometime. What happens when it relapses? It haunts him again. Letting go is not about forgetting, it’s about looking at something within the problem set to be identified as a source for new solution.

It may not solve the actual problem, but will help you re-invent a new space where things are fresh for you. It kind of goes back to technology space where some say we should look for problems which are not problems because it hasn’t been unearthed. The idea is not to create problems but to find source for new world solutions. Things that will help people fundamentally change how the world is to be perceived in its day to day glamour and endeavours

Thinking outside the box shouldn’t mean ignoring the box. It should be how would I better transform the limitations inside the box(even one of the small issues) to make way for something different.