An Experiment – Giving it up

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As a sincere effort and as a learning experiment, I am giving up some of my long cherished desires. These are some of the desires(dreams?) you might have heard me talk about with lot of passion. I have put a lot of thought and energy into each one of these over the past few years(almost daily). I am giving it up as of today!!!

If it comes back, then it was so willed! If not, liberation of the formless from being forcibly given a form.


Air India??? Whaz Goin On

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Should Air India be named as ‘Cat N Mouse Airways’?

First was the fight between the top management and pilots, then there was the fight between the pilots and air hostess. Today I heard a rat was having some fun aboard AI flight to Calicut.

Now, why isn’t someone making a movie on Air India? Madhur Bhandarkar or RGV listening?

The other side of M&A

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Have seen many posts and articles on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the technology world. Various analysts and renowned technology bloggers give their ‘why I think this is good for X?’ styled articles.

While everyone is right in their angle of approach, what would intrigue me is what happens to people in that company after there has been an acquisition.

  1. What happens to the top management?
  2. Who gets the boot – is it the non-technical people or the technical people or is it based on the intent behind the M&A?
  3. Should there be any M& A governing clause that makes sure that a company/resources are not acquired to be shut down immediately?
  4. Is there any human ethics benchmark in such transactions?
  5. While there might have been financial benefits for the top management of a company being acquired and to some extent people who have considerable stocks or stock options, what happens to those with no financial benefits?


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The concept of friendship is not new to us but longevity of friendship is something that people have different theories on.

For me, something that has worked for a few years(and a few friends who have stuck for long time). Here are a few principles that seemed to have helped…

  1. Understand that everyone is his/her own individual and they can be totally different.
  2. Like poles repel and unlike people attract(while a magnetic property, I think this is very true for friendship also). You don’t have to emulate what you friend does.
  3. Give space and don’t be too probing. If you friend wants to share something with you, he/she will do it irrespective of whether you ask or not.
  4. Don’t take your friend for granted.
  5. Don’t assume, ask and get things clarified from time to time. Don’t let things build up.
  6. Friends are for life, so don’t base any of their actions for short term decisions.