Product differentiation through Better Marketing and Advertising

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The impact that visual input has about products is phenomenal. I have wanted to convey my thoughts whenever I see ads, as they occupy a great deal of our visual input about various products. Day after day we see more advertisements for products either while we drive (in the form of billboards) or when we watch television. These are the two occasions when I seem to observe things around. This article presents my views about them and how they can be looked at from a different view point.


Note: This is about similar products and not about two products where one can be considered predecessor to the other like LCD and Plasma etc.


###What makes competitors of the same commodity tick?

###What is their USP or is today’s competitive world based more on advantages than USP’s which has ideally been a branding and market projection mantra.


If such is the case, then what is their marketing strategy and how do they come about with targets to be achieved?

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Road Travel Etiquette – Reflections

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To all the people who travel to foreign countries (be it for business or for pleasure). Have you noticed that you tend to follow their rules but ignore the same you are back in your home country?


For example, I am an Indian and I see a lot of fellow Indians who visit places like Singapore, USA, UK etc. There are a lot of things different in these countries and let me take the example of traffic rules. Traffic rules are very strictly enforced in these countries, contrary to India. To drive in India is classified under ‘Survival of the fittest’ whereas everyone is understanding to fellow driver in other countries. Yes, they have severe fines and black points to their driving records (for non-adherence to traffic rules) which compel them to be so, BUT it works. Also, what I have observed is that as a side-effect of this, I have found lot of drivers give way to others trying to change lanes in heavy traffic scenarios, acknowledge when let in etc. What this has brought into me is a sense of satisfaction when I get a favor when in need! Also, you respond positively towards others in a similar manner.

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New Year Email

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The Crazy Creative Monkey in Me got a few words out as soon as the New Year was born in this part for the World!!! You are special to me and hence I decided to trouble you first this year with my rambling to your inbox.


To you my friend who is Specique(Special-Unique),


I Believe that this New Year will Manifest just the way you want. Just take each day as it comes and see the stars unfold and shine through your thoughts, words and deeds.


This year is going to be a Fantawesome (Fantastic – Awesome) one. The one where lessons will be learnt, and lessons will be lost. Some lessons if understood well will be great, if not, its lost (you dont want 100% – leave some for the next year to keep the bar rising).


For all the people caught in Busy-o-rama type of life style:

Take time to smile

once in a while.

Take time to laugh

your sorrows off.

Take time to talk

to loved ones

Take time to walk

for the love of nature

Take time to help

not in cash, but in kind.

Take time to

…Breathe Slow

…Breathe Deep

…Breathe Well.

If you can’t take time,

Make Time!!!

Signing off the ‘Lets Have a Great Year Ahead’ campaign….




What started this BLOG?

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Hi There….


Hi-Fi to my friend Sriram for suggesting that I start a blog – being myself. He suggested that I bring out the ‘Crazy, Creative Monkey in Me’ out to the world.


The first inspiration of this blog was the email I sent out on New Year to all my friends and that was about being or having rather than wishing. The very existence of humans in the world is a result of the wish and desire, so all we have to do is…JUST BE.


As for New Year, I saw a dozen emails that said “Wish you a…Happy, Prosperous, Great….etc…New Year” and as I sat that morning wanting to write a good mail to my dear ones, I thought to myself that its time to change the way we look at writing such greetings. It time to not wish but believe that these wishes, blessings and all the good things have already been bestowed….and Just Be…Just Have…Just Believe…and get on. You will save so much time and have a BIG Jump Ahead….


Have it – Live It Up