Tamil Movie – Aayirathil Oruvan – My Views

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Its my strong belief that we should learn to appreciate new things or new presentation of old subjects that is common in Indian Movies. Forget logic, forget the actors…appreciate the screenplay where you can as well as the framing of each scene. It could be ‘inspired’ by other movies or even literally ‘stolen’. Unless its a movie that’s dubbed, it warrants watching the movie for the good things that the team behind the movie could have done in this movie.

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Facebook Ad – All izz NOT well

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I found this on Facebook. Unless you are talking about Dec 2010 and expecting ‘3 Idiots’ to be running in theatres still, this is wrong. I have seen many such ads on Facebook and other social networking sites. There seems to be no sanity check on dates/validity of an offer via ads. I agree it probably is not up to FB to check it but then it shouldn’t be called ‘Sponsored Ads’.