Zen Moment

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In Life, Zen Moment doesn’t come when you take a break, go hide and meditate or go in search of answers in the Himalayas(figuratively) – its when you say -‘what the heck, I am a fighter, I am going back to the battlefield and let me deal the beast – eye to eye’. In this mind set, when you jump back, you will surely without your knowledge, find the Zen Moment – I experienced it today!

After a long time, but needed to write this…

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Sometimes what you say, do or achieve has no significance to the outside world. Only when you think you want to rant about your sorry state of affairs that people take notice and become Avatars of Advicerama. I am not going to write whether advice is good or not.

I have gone through my own share of ups and downs and the other kind(which I dont know what it is called). I have tried to be very receptive to subtleness that life communicates through various means. I have tried to be mindful of repercussions that could evolve as a result of arrogant and not-well-thought-through type of decisions. I have been scared of making intellectual decisions because I have found myself time-in and time-out to be the recipient of the invisible help at the 11th hour.

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Ideas and Random Fart

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Ideas and Random Fart – Intended for relief and not for prognosis!

Ideas sprout as it should from time to time. If you don’t really feel connected when someone communicates his or her idea, just shut up. Communication is a two-way street where sometimes it might be enough if you just let the other pass by with a smile. Don’t try be Ms. Smarty Pants or Mr. F%%% Face all the time. Tap in to your common sense… It can be pretty interesting journey should you need a break.