The rhythm in you…

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When the rhythm in you stops,
Even if you heart is running…
YOU stop.
You can’t fight it.
You can’t change it with medicine,
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I am on LSD

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I am going on LSD and I am liking it. It keeps me going when I am on it and when I am not on it, I feel like crap. It is going to solve a lot of problems for me on the long run both physically, visually and mentally.

Want to know how to get it?
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Today’s ‘Bliss’ Moment

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Autos are really a bliss to see (read the last three words standing upside down) and Chennai has its share. Apart from the fact that they use only Engine and Handle Bar to drive, everything else is a waste including the famous ‘Meter’.

But today was a shocker! We know that signaling turns or otherwise while driving Autos is non-existent. Today while driving to work, I was behind one and it had the right ‘Indicator’ on. I had a ‘bliss’ moment (again read the last three words standing upside down). That state was short-lived as I then realized after a while that he had left it on by mistake.

I think there needs be a big book written on Autos in Chennai. Wait…I just said Autos, not the ‘Share’ Autos – that is a vehicle from different planet.

Note: There are good auto drivers as well. The above post represents the rest of the 100%.

So what?

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Curiosity to know what happened;
Compulsion to look into the past;
Need to cling on to things fond of;
Assume things that aren’t….
Let the monkey high up
so far that you are lost-
lost in the jungle of the unknown
where your knowledge isn’t
what happened but your thoughts of it..

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