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After a long time, but needed to write this…

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Sometimes what you say, do or achieve has no significance to the outside world. Only when you think you want to rant about your sorry state of affairs that people take notice and become Avatars of Advicerama. I am not going to write whether advice is good or not. I have gone through my own […]

When you lose a dear one…

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Just as you sit down to take a deep breadth catching up with normalcy after a period of unexpected events, remember its always how we are around people who have lost dear ones that counts. Its not about you, its not about the departed, its not about the crying ones…its about being there. Words don’t […]

So what? – JAN 03 2010

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While I don’t want my blog to be a rant-o-rama center of excellence, I surely want to use it in a minimalist way to let my thoughts out. I may not be special but I am not simple either. My mind thinks two things at the same time, and I have always been amazed, amused […]

The other side of M&A

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Have seen many posts and articles on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the technology world. Various analysts and renowned technology bloggers give their ‘why I think this is good for X?’ styled articles. While everyone is right in their angle of approach, what would intrigue me is what happens to people in that company after […]