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Only Today

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You can wish how much ever you want You can dream how much ever you want You can want success for a long time to come You can want total comfort life for years You might want to feel… …glory of a thousand years today itself You can wish, you can yearn, you can long […]

Open Door Policy

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Recently, a friend of mine relayed an experience of his on  ‘Open Door Policy’ with senior management people. While the experience conveyed was no way an encouraging or inspiring one, it prompted me to think about how exactly to make the ‘Open Door Policy – ODP’ work?!   Well, to start with  – ODP does […]

Midnight Realization Inc – Truly Energizing

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It is true and I am glad to have had this realization at this hour (Midnight 12 AM). Its about creativity within a team setup. Its common that when we work in a team, there are different people with different experience, different skill sets etc. It is a belief that when such people come together […]

My Philosophy of Wealth Accumulation

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  Some how there is this unknown urge to make a lot of money than before. Yes, previously I wanted success, money, fame, name etc, but over the past one month it has been sooper-dooper high! I am not sure what the reason behind it is, but this urge and subsequent relentless thinking has led […]