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Mind Game

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According to the dictionary, a ‘Mind Game’ refers to ‘any game designed to exercise the intellect ‘. We have heard people referring to someone saying that he/she is playing mind games. While there are lot of negative intonations to the word ‘Mind Game’, I am more intrigued by the abstract variants of situations where mind […]

Why I prefer a startup !!!

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This article is not an attempt to provide you with ways to make your decision on whether to join a startup or join a MNC. This is my radical outlook into the world of startup and what it gives you back.

Ways to market your ideas to your peers and colleagues

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Need an analogy Need a target customer Benefits in deed? Implicit change or explicit makeover? Too early or too late? Either you are too early or you are too late – this thought depends on the projection focus. Another interesting article I found on why your ideas never get its due credit or audience or […]

On This Independence Day

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On this ‘Independence Day’ which we got more than six decades ago: Let us let go of decade old problems, concerns, superstitions, backlog and anything else that seems to be holding us back. Let us not fight for what is right for us, but for what is right for our friends and family. Let us […]