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A Prayer Augmentation Solution

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There is a Sanskrit Verse which begins as ‘Asathoma Sat Gamaya’. It contains 3 phrases and in English, it means the following: From Untruth lead us to Truth From Darkness lead us to Light From Death lead us to immortality A sincere prayer that covers things important to human life and its existence. Although it […]

In those moments…

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I asked my friend suddenly, "What phase of my life I am in now?". Its a weird question prompted from nowhere at that moment. I had not been wanting the question or something like that. He replied,"You will see…". I was like, alright…its the same type of reply he always gives. After a few second, […]

New Patent Ideas – Vetti Times – Part One

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Note: This post is co-authored by my friend Sunil Mukundan This aint those revolutionary or paradigm shifting technology ideas but more an aftermath of this article @ gigaom. I remember something similarly weird settlement for patent infringement couple of years ago. It was where Creative had this patent for organizing music based on artist-> album-> […]