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Tough Times, Tougher People

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Tough times may last for a long time but then Tough people march on! When you look back you might always feel that what you went through wasn’t a big deal or wasn’t that bad. You might even wonder how you even survived it. You might feel that nothing ever worked out they way you […]

Ideas and Random Fart

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Ideas and Random Fart – Intended for relief and not for prognosis! Ideas sprout as it should from time to time. If you don’t really feel connected when someone communicates his or her idea, just shut up. Communication is a two-way street where sometimes it might be enough if you just let the other pass […]

‘Save this tree’ from this painter – pun intended

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I took my daughter to Vandalur Zoo(in Chennai) today and she had a good time. We were almost done(with enough reasons to take rest for a week), we came across a very famous poem about a tree. Here is an improvised version of the painter in Vandalur Zoo’s.

The other side of M&A

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Have seen many posts and articles on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the technology world. Various analysts and renowned technology bloggers give their ‘why I think this is good for X?’ styled articles. While everyone is right in their angle of approach, what would intrigue me is what happens to people in that company after […]