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Tough times test, teach but triumph is possible

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Take more care in dealing with hypocritical and insensitive people. When people know that you are having a tough time with such kind of people, advice in tons will come your way. You might be more interested in sinking underwater or get to a cave so that you don’t have to talk about that person. […]

So what? – JAN 03 2010

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While I don’t want my blog to be a rant-o-rama center of excellence, I surely want to use it in a minimalist way to let my thoughts out. I may not be special but I am not simple either. My mind thinks two things at the same time, and I have always been amazed, amused […]

Experiments for New Year 2010

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Rather than calling it New Year Resolutions, I would like to call it Experiments to conduct during the new year. Yes, the title and outlook is inspired from my sizeable research experience. Some were suggested by people whom I respect most!!! Understand the gap between what you are and what you think you are. Complete […]

New Year 2010

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I searched for new year greetings all over the internet to realize it will NOT be as good as saying from within. So here is my New Year Greetings. Wherever we are, wherever we might go, let us think of ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘You’. No bad thoughts, no bad feelings, no nothing… Lets […]