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When you lose a dear one…

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Just as you sit down to take a deep breadth catching up with normalcy after a period of unexpected events, remember its always how we are around people who have lost dear ones that counts. Its not about you, its not about the departed, its not about the crying ones…its about being there. Words don’t […]

Getting high – way for overall improvement

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I wanted to title this post as ‘Adrenaline Junkies’ but Google search referred it to being addicted to use of ‘ Epinephrine’. I have heard the use of Adrenaline Junkie as a figure of speech referring to people addicted to getting high via different acts dear to them. This posts is targeted towards doing things […]


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In a minimalist mode, I write today’s post…duh, all my posts have been minimalist posts or rather I write very less per post. I believe 1-2 paragraphs are good per post for a new idea. It helps retain attention of the reader. This is not a must but it helps. Of course if you have […]

Should you have an opinion all the time?

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I have heard some people say I am neutral. I always felt there should be some other way of conveying that. In a way saying ‘I am Neutral’ is bit of strong and sometimes comes as being harsh to a question. In my current job, I heard one of my colleagues use a sentence which […]