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Tough Times, Tougher People

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Tough times may last for a long time but then Tough people march on! When you look back you might always feel that what you went through wasn’t a big deal or wasn’t that bad. You might even wonder how you even survived it. You might feel that nothing ever worked out they way you […]


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Every week passes as if it were a day Every day passes as if it were an hour Every hour pauses as if it were a year

…and I am Back

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It has been more than eons since I actually blogged…almost 2 years…mostly attribute it to my laziness plus ofcourse …nothing else. I had to move my blog hosting to a different provider, left it to stagnate, wordpress got ahead and jumped versions. I was left behind, forgot all about wordpress and blog…tried again this year […]

Will it work?

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Its been more than a year, trying to salvage the domain, the blog, move hosting…blah blah…