Look yonder through Rosy Glasses

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Sometimes you have good times in your pocket, sometimes you have good moments in fleeting.

But what does it take to have a good time always?

I have no clue, but- these past few months I have had both good times and moments. While those brought in a smile, its not those that I want to talk about.

Have you ever felt that in a day everything you do, everything you see, everything you hear or everything you observe brings in a smile!!!- even if those are the same things that would, in a normal day irritate or annoy you; the same things in a normal day would make you fume.

For me those days are when it moves from Joy/Happiness to bliss. I have experienced a few days like those in the past fendw months and whether it is a great achievement or not, I think of those days as gifted days. I can only wish and pray for more such days in the future.

DO the tough – DO it for Him. See them for what they are going through and not for what you are going through because of what they are doing.

It could be funny at start…Heck, it could be even funnier to read this. But on a long run, you will find your heart smiling back at you!

Peace be to all!