A Conscious Conclusion to Life’s Account Balances?

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When you have thoughts of letting out- giving it to people, who, you feel, have been unjust to you, think what will happen.

Do you think they will be impacted positively or negatively?

Do you think the actions(thought, word, deed) you hurl at them will even be received in the right manner?

What if they get hurt more than what you expected? What if you damage their mental makeup?

You say they have been bad to you and that they deserve it. But what happens if it is detrimental to their lives post that hurl-hurricane…You say they will be ok, they are humans, they learn and move on.

SO why don’t you be human in the first place and give up before you give in? Whatever goes around comes around. Nothing vanishes, there is always an account balance that happens…either in this world or next.

So next time you feel hatred, anger, jealousy, betrayal or any of the other negative emotions that make you be untrue to your true self…think…it doesn’t end with you hurling or hurting or taking it out on that person…It just starts.

Why start something you can’t finish or take back or wipe out.

Don’t ask for something you cant digest in the long run.

Live life as if you are there the last time – don’t start a credit account or don’t borrow too much that you have to keep coming back.