Tough Times, Tougher People

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Tough times may last for a long time but then Tough people march on!

When you look back you might always feel that what you went through wasn’t a big deal or wasn’t that bad. You might even wonder how you even survived it. You might feel that nothing ever worked out they way you had hoped or prayed. You might feel that people went past you and you just stood there helpless, with legs but without the ability to work, with hands but without the ability to use them.

BUT you pulled through and even though you might seem you lost a lot of ground and years especially what you may think was your prime.

I don’t have an answer on what to say to you, who is reading this…you may be going through something similar or know someone who is going through something similar. I don’t dare say that it is a piece of cake but I surely can request you to be yourself. Get rid of the negativities that are plaguing you. Anger and Arrogance don’t help and nor do Jealously and Hatred. Somewhere there is an account balancing being done….alright not to sound cliched but believe me – nothing happens without the knowledge of that someone or something that is the source. Believe that you will get through and move on to a different realm.

Believe that whatever it is, if you sleep over it, you will find better ways to deal with it. You may or may not find a solution in weeks, months or years but you will find the strength to deal with it some how or the other. You WILL.

Keep at it!