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In a minimalist mode, I write today’s post…duh, all my posts have been minimalist posts or rather I write very less per post. I believe 1-2 paragraphs are good per post for a new idea. It helps retain attention of the reader. This is not a must but it helps. Of course if you have a lot to write…like 10 different ways to do this or that, then such posts ought to be big or staged.

Its like the search results of a search engine…the attention is restricted to the ‘golden triangle’. So why do lot of social media sites clutter data????

  • More data, less attention, less consumption
  • Less data, more attention, more consumption

Wonder where the world went wrong and thought more is better. Weren’t we taught as kids that we shouldn’t stuff too much food into our mouth? You can always push it inside, but food undigested is useless. Similarly, information undigested is useless!