Getting high – way for overall improvement

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I wanted to title this post as ‘Adrenaline Junkies’ but Google search referred it to being addicted to use of ‘ Epinephrine’. I have heard the use of Adrenaline Junkie as a figure of speech referring to people addicted to getting high via different acts dear to them. This posts is targeted towards doing things that give you a high(not necessarily a hangover).

Different people have different ways to get pumped up. find your way – that which is nourishing to you.

For me it is, among many things, it could be trying out a new hair or facial hair style, having a drink with friends, randomly saying something that is totally not true and see people react to it(no harm meant) or those random acts of kindness when I least expect of myself :-)

I have also come to realize that you also get identified for your, for lack of better words, Adrenalin Junkie’ness. I know I am.

Its about taking yourself a step higher purely to feel relaxed in that plane. The target should be different from getting high on alcohol or drugs.

Think about what will be your frame of mind, if you always look to achieve a slightly ‘above normal’ frame of mind…you are on your toes, energized, fresh and you get so much work done.

For me, writing is one such ‘rush’… when I get sudden flow of words, I write them done even if it is when I am working on other stuff. You may ask if I am not concentrating on the work that I am supposed to do. I do, but subconsciously like all others, you keep communicating with different energies and they keep communicating back to you.

Think about the times when you are probably doing something else and a thought strikes you….Eureka, you have the answer you were waiting for!!! Come on, I am sure you have had such Eureka moments.

To sum it up, use things that gets you high to your advantage. Use it to get into a proper frame of mind and dont use it as a mechanism for procrastinating. Multi-tasking will come naturally to you.

Wonder why people sometimes work(effectively) while listening to music? Think again…