Should you have an opinion all the time?

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I have heard some people say I am neutral. I always felt there should be some other way of conveying that. In a way saying ‘I am Neutral’ is bit of strong and sometimes comes as being harsh to a question.

In my current job, I heard one of my colleagues use a sentence which impacted me much. He says, ‘I don’t have an opinion on way or the other’. He tells it in a flat monotone that you know that he isn’t going to swing one way or the other.

In one my experiments for the new year, I want to try this. This stems from my interest in being more silent(contrary to the chatty me). One of the issues I have had is refraining from commenting on a topic or having an opinion to the topic in discussion. Sometimes in the heat of things, we all get judgemental without knowing explicitly. I have been party to such crimes many a time.

While this virtue could be attributed to you wanting to feel a part of the group, sometimes it does more harm than good. As time progresses you tend to feel that you are ignored or ‘not heard’. Now, for some it drives them into depression and others get annoyed. This could be one of the cases for attrition in a company or institution(be it professional or otherwise).

Again this colleague in my office(happens to be a good friend as well:-)) uses a statement which complements the drive of staying goal-driven. He says,’…by and large if people are happy, we have accomplished our goal’. Now, to some it could convey that the person is not interested in others’ welfare but I believe it takes grit and lot of personal experience in preaching such a philosophy. This really drives towards a professional setup that is targeted in the goal of company’s success.

Now, you may argue that such philosophy isn’t favoring the individual who works in the company or institution and I agree to some extent. But in this competitive world, where good work, good pay and good recognition are not always on the same scale, you need to look at the track record you create and the experience of being a part of a successful company(if you are in a startup or otherwise) is very valuable. My boss always says, ‘Track Record is built one day at a time and reset in a jiffy’.

Coming back to the individual…

What if you don’t have an opinion although you do have some thoughts. the main target is to drive you away from the compulsive phobia of commenting. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t have views. It means you have don’t form views by act of routine or habit into things that add little value or whose conversion rate is undecipherable(as in resolution or consensus of your views into something of tangible value)…oops this is getting bit cryptic….yikes! But I am sure you get the gist of what I am trying to say.

In the world of spirituality or philosophy, you probably call this non-attachment(or detachment) but I want to drive its relevance in this material world which you and me live everyday and don’t see a foreseeable future where we might become saints :-). You can’t avoid ‘no-action’, but can avoid  being compelled tonot  act by putting in your thoughts when you can spend that time being quite and doing other work. Again, in the parlance of ‘Bhagavad Gita’, you cannot get away by doing no action, but you should be an observer and let the river flow by.


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