Flash News – Mumbai Terror Attacks – Nov 27 2008

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While the south is battling the rains in India, a new war has started with Mumbai under attack.

Here is what I have gathered so far from CNN IBN and NDTV.

Its 12.45 am and if you are awake in India, please turn on your TV and watch the news channels.

Blasts in

  • BMC Office
  • Oberoi Hotel(one blast reported), near Nariman Point
  • Taj Hotel(2 blasts 5 blasts(02:07 am) reported), near Colaba(as I write, it is reported that fire is being exchanged between CRPF and terrorists inside)

Firing reported in

  • Marriott Hotel (its Ramada hotel which is close to JW Marriott)
  • Cafe Leopold
  • VT Station(2 blasts)
  • Cama Hospital

So far(according to CNN IBN) 60 dead and 200 injured (01:51 am India Time).100 dead and 187 injured (10:00 am).101 dead and 287 injured (01:46 PM)


At this time when America is getting ready for Thanksgiving, I pray for peace and calmness in Mumbai and a big Thank You to all the people who are contributing to it at this hour.

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Update 1: 01:06 AM

More coverage of the blasts here:





Live Video Streaming



CNN IBN reports Two terrorists have been shot dead now.


Update 2: 01:13 AM

From CNN – IBN, apparently little over 100 several american/foreign tourists(are there in Taj Hotel(one of the sites) and they are feared to be in captivity).


Update 3: 01:18 AM

From Maharashtra Chief Secretary: 40 Dead and 150 Injured… Holy Crap…Seems like a lot of the 5 start hotels are the targets this time around. Four policemen killed so far in the attacks and firing.

Any of you reading this in Mumbai and have some more news, please add in.


Update 4: 01:47 AM

ATS Chief Hemant Karkare and a few top officials shot dead reports CNN IBN. There were a few cars roaming in the streets of mumbai loaded with gunmen and it is speculated that the top officials could also have been caught in the crossfire(not necessarily meaning the went into one of the hostage hotels and got killed).

It is reported that these blasts are a much more coordinated effort than the 1993 Serial Blasts in India.


Update 5: 07:31 AM

Most of the latest is out there on TV, but the common request is for donation of blood:

J J Hospital: +91 22 23739031

St. George’s Hospital: +91 22 22620240

Pass the message(or rather call for unity around)


Update 6: 12:08 PM

England’s Cricket Tour called off and T20 Champions League in doubt. More about it @ rediff.com



Out of the 11 terrorists, 5 have been shot dead and one arrested – the others are at large.